If you feel inspired or provoked by the perspectives presented on this website, feel free to add your comments after the interviews. You can also send in a written piece of work and get it published together with the actual episodes. The following requirements must be met:

  • your article must reference one or more of the interviews on the website 
  • criticism must be constructive 
  • use references where possible and provide links to any web-based resource that you refer to
  • the ownership of any illustration pictures must be clarified
Send your text as .doc-format to james.arnfinsen @ and include the following:
  • Full name, nationality and any affiliation you find relevant (university, school etc.)
  • Profile picture with a resolution of at least 500px x 500px (.jpg or .png)
  • URL to your own website if you have one
  • Short biography (see example)

Please contact Levevei™ if you have any further questions about how to proceed. 


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