About the show

The podcast show Levevei™ explores different approaches to personal, relational and societal transformation. Levevei is a Scandinavian word that translates as “livelihood” or “vocation”, but it could also have the connotation of “way of life”. So how can we find our way in life – both individually and collectively – given the many challenges and opportunities we’re facing at all levels of our personal and collective human unfolding?

The overarching goal of the show is to support a holistic understanding of complex change processes. How does change and development manifest in different contexts and at varying scales? What are the links between personal, relational and societal transformation? When exploring these question the show aims to be as inclusive as possible; seeing the partial validity of any perspective, but without loosing the ability to discern and evaluate.

Levevei™ will also publish articles written by listeners or people who wish to contribute their own perspectives pertaining to personal, relational and societal transformation. See under “contribute” for more information.

The website’s intention can be summarized in the following points:

  • Circulate perspectives that can be of benefit to individuals and society at large
  • Increase the interest for personal, relational and societal transformation
  • Explore how these three dimensions unfold and develop in conjunction
  • Explore and identify general principles underlying complex change processes
  • Support individuals and organizations that want to make a difference
  • Support the deepening and expansion of global consciousness

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