Episode 57: Being evolution through doing revolution

In this episode I have the delight of connecting with author, teacher and integral revolutionist Terry Patten who is visiting Oslo, Norway in February 2013. In our conversation we engage some of the core themes that Terry has been advocating the last couple of years. For instance, how can we – both individually and collectively – find a balanced and integral expression of our human propensity for doing and being? Is it possible to transition from only being a seeker to becoming a practitioner? And if so, how can we become effective change agents in the ever present expression of evolutionary processes? These questions, any many others, have been consistently explored by Terry through different mediums, such as the highly acclaimed book Integral Life Practice, which he co-wrote together with Ken Wilber, Marco Morelli and Adam Leonard, and the popular teleseminar series Beyond Awakening.

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Episode links: 

Terry Patten, personal website
Beyond Awakening, teleseminar series hosted by Terry
Integral Revolution
, one of Terry´s ongoing projects
Occupy Integral, the blog article which was mentioned in the interview

James Alexander Arnfinsen (redaktør)
James Alexander Arnfinsen (34) er lærer og arbeider i Osloskolen. Han har bred erfaring innenfor dialogbasert prosessledelse, nærværstrening og konflikthåndtering. Ta kontakt med James på følgende adresse: james.arnfinsen @ gmail.com
James Alexander Arnfinsen (redaktør)
James Alexander Arnfinsen (34) is a teacher, his subjects being geography, religious studies and sports science. He is currently working as a teacher in Oslo, Norway. In his spare time he practices Aikido, a Japanese martial art.