Episode 46: Collaborative Problem Solving – working with explosive children

In this episode I speak with Dr. Ross Greene, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and the originator of the Collaborative Problem Solving method. He is also responsible for the not-for-profit organization Lives in the Balance and has written several books, one being the highly acclaimed The Explosive Child. In our conversation we delve into some of the territory covered in that book in relation to how both parents and teachers can work with children who for different reasons are viewed as challenging, or as Dr. Greene would put it, children who lack certain basic skills in frustration management, problem‐solving and adaptability. He explains how the Collaborative Problem Solving model can be applied to proactively support the development of these basic skills, and subsequently, how it can help create better family relations and learning environments in schools.


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James Alexander Arnfinsen (redaktør)
James Alexander Arnfinsen (34) er lærer og arbeider i Osloskolen. Han har bred erfaring innenfor dialogbasert prosessledelse, nærværstrening og konflikthåndtering. Ta kontakt med James på følgende adresse: james.arnfinsen @ gmail.com
James Alexander Arnfinsen (redaktør)
James Alexander Arnfinsen (34) is a teacher, his subjects being geography, religious studies and sports science. He is currently working as a teacher in Oslo, Norway. In his spare time he practices Aikido, a Japanese martial art.