Episode 29: Moving towards a steady state economy

In this episode I´m joined by the founding director of Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE). Brian Czech explains some of the basic tenets of a ´steady state economy´ and how this relates to sustainability issues in general. We further discuss some of the barriers impeding change and how a reworking of policy, and our overarching societal goals, could help facilitate a much needed global transformation.

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Episode links:

Brian Czech (in the Huffington Post)
CASSE Norway



James Alexander Arnfinsen (redaktør)
James Alexander Arnfinsen (34) er lærer og arbeider i Osloskolen. Han har bred erfaring innenfor dialogbasert prosessledelse, nærværstrening og konflikthåndtering. Ta kontakt med James på følgende adresse: james.arnfinsen @ gmail.com
James Alexander Arnfinsen (redaktør)
James Alexander Arnfinsen (34) is a teacher, his subjects being geography, religious studies and sports science. He is currently working as a teacher in Oslo, Norway. In his spare time he practices Aikido, a Japanese martial art.